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The vuhus brand

VUHUS is a brand of leather and meat products  of endemic cattle that can be found only in Vuhus Island  in Sabtang, Batanes, Philippines.  The Island  was formerly named after an endemic tree growing  in the area.  But, what made the Island of Vuhus known in the locality before is the long stretched  white sand beach and its rich marine resources.


But today, complimentary to the aforementioned features are the native cattle thriving in the island that are being raised under organic farming system way back in the 1930’s. These endemic cattle with a population of about 900 heads has superior performance with respect to prolificacy and disease tolerance.  Its meat has a distinct taste and flavor  which is  produced  by  the Vuhus Cattle Raisers’ Association, Inc., a famous farmers’ organization in the province  known for being a conservationist of Batanes Black  Cattle popularly known as the Vuhus Native for the past 8 decades.


The association’s primary objective of raising cattle  in the Island before was merely to produce ready available beef for the celebration of fiestas, wedding, baptismal, birthdays and even during funerals but  to commercialize it was not their business.  Today, they are now open for business  and have appreciated the potential of their organic products in the market through the converging assistance of the Department of Agriculture, Provincial Government of Batanes, Municipal Government of Sabtang, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Trade and Industry, and various private sectors in the province.

Production of leather  products are the initial items  that are being sold on-line which is ideal for would- be donors and be a part of the advocacy of the Association  despite being apart from the Island.


Nonetheless, should one day you wish again to visit  Batanes, do not miss going to Vuhus Island and witness its outstanding beauty and taste the Vuhus beef delicacies. The battlecry of the Vuhus Cattle Raisers’ Association, Inc. and all the converging agencies and private stakeholders is to promote the conservation of native cattle in the area vis-à-vis creating sustainable livelihood  for its members  by establishing Farm-Ecological-Adventure Tourism in the Island thus, enjoying the benefits of the legacies they have been undergoing for 8 decades. Such undertaking is worth emulating that could be done not only in the province but throughout the country and the whole world as well.

These efforts are being undertaken to lessen dependency from the government and promote self-reliance and resiliency of the Ivatans.



For every purchase of VUHUS CATTLE products, you are providing livelihood for the 100 members of the Vuhus Cattle Raisers Association, Inc., a famous conservationist of Native Cattle in Vuhus Island, Sabtang, Batanes, Philippines.

Thank you for being a part of the advocacy program on the promotion and conservation of native cattle.

 Diamond shape which comprises of 4 sides lined with black and yellow color represents the 4 major players who are solidly and liberally entwined/united  in the conservation program  for vuhus cattle. They are the Department of Agriculture, Provincial Government of Batanes, Municipal Government of Sabtang and the Vuhus Cattle Raisers Association, Inc.

                                                         The Green color represents the Organic farming system being applied for the production of Vuhus Cattle.

                                                         The solid black Cattle Forehead manifests the sturdiness of this native breed which have existed wayback in the early 1930’s without human intervention. They were able to multiply  to nearly 1000 heads despite of the rugged condition in the Island of Vuhus.

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