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TELEVISION. There are no cinemas in Batanes. But most Ivatan homes have television sets to keep them updated with the rest of the world. Local cable TV companies in Basco provide a mix of around 20 national and cable programs for entertainment. There are cable TV operators in every town. Cgnal and Dream cable TV providers also reaches the households in the six municipalities of the province.
A local AM radio station (DWBT-Radyo ng Bayan Batanes)owned and operated by the Philippine Broadcasting Service serves not just the entire province but neighboring islands near Cagayan. The station provides live newsfeeds from government-owned sister stations in Manila. All government offices in the provinces are provided a weekly airtime to communicate updates from their offices.
An FM radio station (Nutriskwela-Radyo Kayvayvanan) is also available and operated by the provincial government. It can reach the town of Basco and some areas in Mahatao, Ivana, Uyugan, and Sabtang islands.
MOBILE PHONE. Two of the country’s largest telecommunications companies Smart Communications and Globe Telecom have presence in Batanes through their cellular phone service. There are only a handful of villages not enjoying this service yet. There is no fixed-line phone service throughout the province.
LETTERS, LETTERS. Postal masters are stationed in every municipality. Since there is not much volume received, the provincial post office in Basco sends out from the province letters and parcels only on Thursdays.
Basco 3900
Mahatao 3901
Ivana 3902
Uyugan 3903
Sabtang 3904
Itbayat 3905


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