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Music and Arts


  • LAJI is what Ivatans consider as the best of their folk songs and folk poetry

Lipus Ko Am Panahanen Ko Ava Du Pihudhuran

Winning piece during the Batanes Day Singing Contest 2008
Singer-Informant: Marta A. Vaso
Notation: Prof. Macario Fronda

Lipus ko am panahanen ko ava’d pihudhuran
ta riyalen nu araw, ta riyalen nu araw;
Lipus ko an panahanen ko ava’d pihusungan
tanchian panalasalan nu vuhung nu kayu.
Lipus ko am panahanen ko’d kamadiryan a takey

ta a’turi ko hahawen a yanan nu inavungan na,
a kabuwan nu sumalisalid siya a di avuken a yaken.

(English Version)

I Don’t Make my Beloved Pass on the Ridge of the Hill
I don’t make my beloved pass on the ridge of the hill
because there the sun is too hot;
I don’t make my beloved pass through the ravine
lest a leaf should fall upon her.
I make her walk on the hillside away from the sun
where I think there is ample shade,
where no one can protect her other than me.



  1. KALUSAN – Ivatan Working Song


Un as kayaluhen(Kalusan)

Un as kayaluhen, kakaluhen,

Un si payawari,pariñin,

Un nuu akmadiwiyaten.

Un as payawa, paypisahen;

Un as payawa, palangen,

Un si wayavat mo nay.


Yes, let us hurry, let us hurry then.

Yes, we pull the oars with rhythm, so let it be.

Yes, let it be by rowers like us.

Yes, we pull the oars with rhythm, for once let it be.

Yes, we pull the oars with rhythm, let us pull.

Yes, the oars, your very oarsnow. (F.H.H)

Un am Jesuyus mu Apo

Un am ichasi m’pa yamen

Un a ‘tu mo aya mavuya

Un a mapya aya s’kavatuy

Un as maypiyisa ta pa

Un a maypinakduhan:

Un as panbiyidan ta pay

Un si ‘tu ta aya nadnaren

Un a nauvey a dakuh

Un a dumpuyun madagpinyit

Un a kudaynu vuchid

Un a duhuyusuhuten

Un ni duhuyus nu apat.

Un as maychalusan kamu

Un ta daytu s’mavuya ko

Un a mayrayarayawadin

Un a kaidit da du inyisan

Un as ala ya kunta pay

Un ta ichalu siya

Un am maypiyisa ta pa

Un ta dilbi ñiyo si araw

Un ñia dumuib dana

Un ji papa aya nu idaud.

Un si araw u inulay,

Un as bahayan dana paru y’

Un ta si deyemdem u amanyip

Un di maunung a tukon

Un a tukuyon di Mavatuy.


Yes, Jesus Lord

Yes, have mercy  on us

Yes, whom you see

Yes, well lined up

Yes, let us for once

Yes,exert extra effort

Yes, let us work past

Yes, the one alongside us

Yes, the large nauvey tree

Yes, surround by tough

Yes,roots of cogon

Yes, interwoven with

Yes, the shoots of wild ferns

Yes, sing a kalusan

Yes, for I see some

Yes, who are slackening

Yes, watching the farm fringes

Yes,let us hurry a bit

Yes,to speed it up

Yes,let us for once

Yes, work fast for

Yes, behold the sun

Yes, it is now setting on the horizon.

Yes, the sun’s will be done,

Yes, and is thisthe farm’s upper edge

Yes, which is now seen?

Yes, the mountain of range,

Yes, the range of Mavatuy

Source: Laji: Anu Maddaw ka mu Lipus,An Ivatan Folk Lyric Tradition, Florentino H. Hornedo



  1. Kanta – Songs of recent and unknown inception


  1. Ivatan Medley

Vituhen du dadan a gumintin
Du tana awri du kaydawran
Sumnuhus rarahan may dinio
A rapirapiten du kaddao namen ninio.

Nakayapu du nakavuya ko dimo amna nyeng ka
A machipasek du tawul ko manda sichanguriaw
Arapavaw matarek a ichaddao koan vuken a imo
As panapanayahen ko na u vahes nu matanoy a kapachinulay.

Nadngey ko na ta nu liak mo am akmay yeng nu pulak
As nu vook mo am akmay vuhawan
As nu tawul mo am akmay asero
As panapanayahen ko na u vahes nu matanoy a kapachinulay.

Mangay, mangay tana, tanu vuhan am dumada
Mangay, mangay tana, vituhen am tumilit
Nu umdivon diaten napnu nu kasuyut
Ta uyud a masdep u kanakem ko dimo.

  1. Tiban Niyo Ta Taytu Kami Dia

Tiban niyo ta taytu kami diya,
A manapanaya dinyo
Du makasiasi aya,
Addao namen a manamunamu

Tiban niyo riyal nu vituhen
Askan sehdang nu vuhan
A makaydamdam su tawul namen
A maddao ninyo.

As angu paru kaparin
niyo a diasi niamen?
Ichasi niyo paru ava
Makasiasi a kaparin namen?

Siguruhen niyo yamen
ta inyo inayayi namen,
Siguruhen niyo yamen ta
inyo chinaddao namen


  1. Nu Nunuk Nu Tukun

Nu nunuk nu tukun,
Minuhung as kadisi na;
Ichapungpung diya
Am yaken u nilaungan na.

Kapaytalamaran ava
Su avang di idaud
Ta miyan du inayebngan na
Ta miyan du inayebngan na.

Nu itañis ko
Am nu didiwen ko
Ta nu taw aya
U suminbang diyaken.

Nu maliliyak a pahung
As maheheyet a riyes
U minahey niya diyaken,
U minahey niya diyaken.

  1. Beautiful Batanes Isles

Beautiful Batanes isles, Itbayat, Batan, Sabtang
Beautiful Batanes isles
Beloved home, Batanes isles

Sun-kissed islands off Luzon
Breeze-caressed by orient seas
Northern door, open to all
Is a homeland dear to me.

Forlorn country though they say
Orphans of the mother land
Far away by air and sea
But a home dear home to me.

Mighty waves and thunderstorms
Heavy clouds and stormy skies
All of these may come my way
Still I strive for love of thee.

Beautiful Batanes Isles

Ivatan Version

Mavid a Batanes ko,
Itbayat, Batan, Sabtang
Mavid a Batanes ko,
Kavahayan a ichaddao

Tana adedkan arau
Pinahanebneb nu taau
Pantao ya nu kaydauran
Kavahayan a ichaddao.

Mavawa aya tana
Machisiay pa du Luzon
Avangen as sayapen
Kayan pan kaddao nimu.

Maybebkas kan mayanien
Makenem as masalaosao
Pachivanan ko sa aya
Ta imo mian du nakem ko.


Basco Central School

O hail our Alma Mater dear
With tender memories we gather here
Glad songs to you we sing
Glad hearts to you we bring

Basco Central School
Beloved Alma Mater
Warm memories of you
Will forever linger
Wherever and whatever we may be
We pledge to you our loyalty

Under your portals bright
We learn to seek the light
The wisdom and virtues we find
And joys of heart and mind

Mahatao Elementary School

Lyrics and music by: Mrs. Josefa E. Cobaria

Minamahal naming paaralan
Paaralang Elementarya ng Mahatao
Dakila kang tunay maaasahan
Ilaw mo’y laging tataglayin
Saan man dako kami pumaroon
Paggalang at pagpapahalaga
Sa iyo pa rin aming paaralan

Paaralang aming kinagisnan
Kailanman ay di malilimutan
Liwanag mong dulot sa ‘ming kamusmusan
Ay patnubay sa aming pagsulong
Saan mang dako pumaroon
Alaala mo�t pangaral mong tapat
Maging gabay namin sa buhay

Ivana Elementary School

Our dearly beloved Alma Mater
The Ivana Elementary School
To thee we raise our voices
To proclaim your good name

Our dearly beloved I.E.S.
The youth you have molded
Stand by so proud of you
Yes, we are so proud of you

Down the west of majestic Tangayen hill
Elegantly you stand by sea
Your sturdy walls, mighty pillars
Brave the strong winds of the north

Your sons and daughters, teachers, parents too
For you they live, they work and they strive
Long will they love you in their life
We speak with pride of you

Uyugan Elementary School

Beloved school
You are dear to everyone
You molded us
To the best you can
Your love and care
Help us and guided vus
To reach what we are now today

Dear U.E.S. we’ll ne’er forget
We owe a lot to you dear Alma Mater
With the knowledge you gave us
Your sons and daughters whom you love
We’ll be forever loyal to you
And we’ll repay you someday, somehow
We’ll never forget you
We will sing you Mabuhay

Sabtang Elementary School

Alma Mater Song

Sabtang Elementary School
To you we pledge our loyalty
Your touch of wisdom we’ll hold burning high
Whenever we may be our hearts’ will always be
Unselfish to mankind to freely share your light

Thy banner waving on high
Dear Alma Mater we love you so
Your dedicated mentors we revere
Their loving care so true
In our hearts will always keep
Memories of you will guide us all the

Itbayat Central School

Our dear school lays serenily
At the heart of dear Itbayat
Welcoming boys and girls
This we call I-C-S

Thy praise with all sing happily
Remembering loving teachers another thanks
Wings and guiding light
As we master our basic R’s

As we move on and on and on
Never to forget those young days
Cause we are bound for far
Bayan and searching challenges
All the more

As we sadly sing our adieu
Pray we live up to your good name
Today, tomorrow and throughout

Truly we live I-C-S
We’ll pass your torch from hand to hand
We’ll carry on to distant shores
To answer the call of service

Batanes National Science High School

Beside Naidi Hill in Batanes Isles
Like beacon shining bright The stately walls of BNSH Rise glorious to the skies

What torches kindled at the flame
Have passed from hand to hand
What heart cemented in that flame
Bind to the stranger land

O ever as we strive to rise
Our life’s unresting streams
Dear Alma Mater may our eyes
Be lifted to the gleam

So here’s to you BNSH
Our Alma Mater dear
We pledge our love and harmony
Our loyalty to you

Mahatao National High School

Lyrics by: Leah F. Galarosa
Music by: Josefa E. Cobaria

In the heart land of Batanes
Overlooking the vast blue sea
In all its glory and splendor
MNHS stand a beacon bright

I look upon your peace ground
Where noble beginnings unfold
And aspires me to strive for more
Beyond the moon and stars in heaven

MNHS, you’re the institution I belong
Like a friend to run and lean on
You gave me wreath of knowledge
And lifted my eyes to the grandeur of tomorrow

Ivana National High School

Beside Tangayen Hill in Ivana
Like beacon shining bright
The stately walls of INHS
Rise glorious to the skies

What torches kindled at the flame
Have passed from hand to hand
What heart cemented in that flame
Bind to the stranger land

O ever as we strive to rise
Our life’s unresting streams
Dear Alma Mater may our eyes
Be lifted to the gleam

So here’s to you INHS
Our Alma Mater dear
We pledge our love and harmony
Our loyalty to you

Batanes General Comprehensive High School

Alma Mater a pray’r for the teachers
You enlightened our minds to success
Hear our songs from the hearts of our master
Of the compass, slide rule and pen

Alma Mater, your fame
We shall carry it everywhere
We shall strive for the glory of your name
For your honor, BGCHS dear

We shall leave traces from the stars
We shall follow your torch to our goal
For our country we’ll struggle
Pledge to do our share in the life’s game
BGCHS when we part, aware and willing
Your songs in spite of time
We shall hail thee with praises and cheers
BGCHS dear

Sabtang National School of Fisheries

Awit Pampaaralan

Paaralan ng pangingisda
Minamahal naming lahat
Puso’t buhay iaalay ko
Sa hangaring mapagyaman
Karunungan ikabubuhay
Ng lahi natin at bayan
Kaya’t sikapin na matutuhan
Mga aralin at gawaing panghanapbuhay
Kaya’t kamag-aral ating sigasigin
Matutuhan ang mga gawain
Sa pangingisda at nang umuunlad itong bayan natin
Halina’t iwagayway
Ang bandila ng tagumpay
Upang maialay sa paaralang minamahal
Kaya’t paunlarin, pagyamanin banal na layunin
Na laging una, at laging tanyag
Paaralan mahal natin

Itbayat National Agriculture High School

Loyalty Song

We’ll walk through the storm by your side
We’ll cling to the warmth of your guiding light
We’ll walk hand in hand through all adversities
Forever we’ll be loyal and true

We’ll travel our ways for your side
To seek the golden shores that await
I-N-A-H-S, we leave you behind
With memories so dear, we shall keep

And the wind will whisper your name to me
‘lil birds will sing along the line
I-N-A-H-S we love you so dear
We’ll miss you more and more everywhere

The love that you gave, we shall share
The teachings and knowledge we bear
To light us through for all eternity
And lead us the way to success

As we march away from your door
We’ll carry your name everywhere
As sons and daughters, we will remain
Forever we’ll be loyal and true

We’ll miss you more and more everywhere…

Saint Dominic College

Loyalty Song

Oh, Saint Dominic College, how I love you so
Heaven knows that I adore you
‘Till my life is through
You are the answer to m prayer
For a brighter future day
I’ll ne�er falter your good name I care
For you are the light for me
Oh! Saint Dominic College Batanes pride
Please give them the light for me
So that it may brighten the path
To a better world for me

I will sing your name I will bring tho’ in an inland sea
And from shore to shore I will always call
That you’re the only one for me

Oh! Saint Dominic College
Hear my song to thee
Shed the lights that fights the night
Of life’s stormy seas
You are the sunshine everything
Hold your banner to the sky
I’ll pledge to you I’ll stand for you
You have been good to me

Oh! Saint Dominic College Batanes pride
Happy days forever on sight
Your sons and daughter shirk no fight

Whether rain or sun forward
I will sing your name
I will bring tho’ in an inland sea
(and from shore to shore I will always call that you’re the only one for me) 2x

Batanes State College

BaSCo hymn

Alma Mater a prayer for the teachers
You enlightened our minds to success
Hear our songs
From the hearts of our masters
Of the compass, slide rule and pen

Alma Mater your fame
We shall carry it everywhere
We shall strive
For the glory of your name
For your honor BaSCo dear

We shall leave traces from the stars
We shall follow
Your torch to our goals
For our country will struggle
Pledge to do our share in life�s game

BaSCo when we part
Aware and willing
Your songs in spite of time
We shall hail thee
With praises and cheers.


The Yaru nu Artes Ivatan is an informal group of four dedicated young Ivatan artists who share the same passion for the arts. They work to awaken innate Ivatan talent in the arts among young Ivatans today. They promote fellowship in the visual, written and performing arts through painting.

Their works have been exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Headlands Center for the arts in San Francisco, United States and the Museo Pambata in Manila.  Few more works have found their way into many prominent private collections in the Philippines and abroad.

We work in partnership with the Pacita Abad Center for the Arts, the Karasic Foundation, the Department of Education, Department of Trade and Industry, and various local government units. We have likewise completed projects with the Philippine High School for the Arts and the Tourism Council.

Contact: Xavier Abelador at 0927.4065322 or 0928.4985562


Public Arts Projects – We are the talents behind most of the visual public art in Batanes.

  • Painted the ceiling and the Saints of the Tukon Chapel in Basco
  • Worked on murals on display throughout the islands
  • Did mosaic umbrellas for the Basco airport terminal
  • School portraits, boats, signs and various brochures

Arts Training – We provide training in drawing, painting and photography.

  • One- week intensive classroom and practical trainings on mural paintings
  • Studio workshops
  • Participation in National arts festivals
  • Accepts private tutoring

Paintings for Sale – We accept private commissions.

The Group

Olan Gonzales comes from a long line of talented artists. He is the eighth out of 10 artistic siblings, with their mother Irene acknowledged as a master basket maker. Stories of Olan’s painting talent are legend in his hometown — from the time he painted Jesus while he was temporarily struck blind as a child, to the fine portraits and detailed architectural sketches he produces.

Gonzales was the first Ivatan to be offered a full scholarship in fine arts at UP Diliman. His works have been exhibited at the CCP and at the Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco. His art can also be found in many private collections, both in the Philippines and abroad, including that of Batanes Bishop Camillo Gregorio, on behalf of the Vatican. A first-place winner in the Pacita Abad Foundation’s annual contest, he has been the lead painter in the Tukon Chapel ceiling project.

– – – – –

Only 19, Jaypee Portez has had his works purchased at eBay and as far away as Australia. He is currently engaged in a couple of major commissioned projects: a mosaic at the Batanes airport, and a 50-piece installation for a hotel to be built in Manila by Ricky Gutierrez, the owner of Sentro Restaurant.

Jaypee’s excellent paintings employ a unique, semi-abstract style and utilize a common motif, that of circles, which for him represent a familiar shape. He sees it often replicated in native gold earrings, the stones used for the sturdy Ivatan houses, and in the eyes of the dibang or flying fish, a staple Ivatan food.

Born in Mahatao in the main island of Batan, Jaypee spent his early years in San Pedro, Laguna, before coming back to his hometown for good. While in third grade, the child prodigy won first place in a painting competition. He was valedictorian of the Payuhuan nu Kapaypinta, the first arts training program in Batanes, and is now a leading youth arts trainer. He wishes to go to UP Diliman for fine arts, and to become a famous painter.

– – – – –

Xavier Abelador is a much-sought-after representational and surrealist painter, one of the first Ivatan artists who have completed formal university training, having gained a BFA from FEATI University. While in Manila, he earned many distinctions, such as placing as a runner-up in the ArtPetron 2006 contest, a finalist in the Shell Art Competition in the same year, and a finalist in the PLDT-DPC cover design contest of 2005 and 2006.

His favorite mediums are oil and acrylic, although he also likes to dabble in watercolor, pastel, colored pencils and mixed media. He paints Batanes landscapes and seascapes in an impressionist manner, but also produces haunting imagery when he melds indigenous motifs with a mythic scale of imagination in his remarkable surreal paintings.

– – – – –

Javier Ponce was raised in Itbayat, the northernmost island in the Batanes group. He began painting in grade school and honed his talent in college. He won numerous awards throughout his school years, with well-detailed works that eventually evolved into an abstract tribal style. He still does realistic art, however, preferring oil and acrylic as his primary mediums.

Javier has found a new use for the palette knife, which he says makes it much easier for him to compose colors. “I work really fast with it,” he adds. Though he will not abandon the brush, he wants to continue experimenting with his new style.

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