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Traditional Handicrafts



Yuvuk is a farming container for women used for keeping, handling or transporting farm products. The artistic cone-shaped basket is carried with a strap suspended and hanged at the back. The strap is adjustable according to the height of the user. Upper part weave of the strap is flat to make it comfortable for the carrier.


kanayi kanayi2

Kanayi is an all-weather sleeveless “jacket” gear worn by man while working in the farm. There are two (2) types of kanayi, the Dinung made from stripped vuyavuy leaves and the Tadidi made of banana leaves. It cools the body on hot working days and keeps warm on rainy and cold days.


vakul vakul2

The Vacul or Suut is a woman’s headgear which is used as a protective gear from rains and the sun’s heat while workimg in their farms. It is an all-weather protective gear. It is cool on hot season and warm on rainy and winter season.



Vuvud is a basket made of nito purposely for keeping jewelries and other valuables. Its shape is oblong or round with cover.

Source:    Ibardo, T. 2013, “Selected Traditional Handicraft: Their Economic and Educational Potential”, Ivatan Studies Journal Volumes XI-XII, Saint Dominic College Inc.

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