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Representations and meanings:

  1. Blue Gear – symbolizes/represents the technical-vocational sector  and the  skills training for blue collar jobs
  1. Green Color – represents the vast opportunities for employment (green pastures) for Technical-Vocational course graduates
  1. BTSDC Torch – symbolizes the BTSDC as a duly accredited training institution / school providing a bright future to its clients
  1. Laurel Leaf –symbolizes victory (as used also in academic institutions) over poverty and unemployment after gaining proper training and skills development
  1. Layered human faces – represents the many facets of human endeavor – the prime focus of the training center
  1. PGB Seal – an integral component of the PGB logo to show that the training center is part of or under the supervision of the Provincial Government.


The Batanes Technical Skills Development Center


* for schedule of trainings, you may reach the school through the Provincial Human Resource and Development Office at the Provincial Capitol, Basco.

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